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How far in advance should I book my photography session?

For much of the year, one month is typical.  Fall is always my busiest season, so if you're hoping to be photographed in October or early November, it's best to book at least two months ahead of time.  It's best to schedule a consultation to go over session details, this can be done via email/phone call or in person.  I will go over session type, length, location, print/product ordering information, and what to wear for your session.

How do we choose where to photograph?

I am happy to recommend (or find) the perfect place for your session!  Photographing in new places is always refreshing, so if you have a favorite place, please let me know so I can visit it before your session.  This helps me know what the natural light is like and where exactly I'd like to photograph you based on what's in the background.

Can you photograph indoors?

Yes, there is a large room in my house that is great for a studio set up.  Large windows provide beautiful natural light, and I also have studio lights and backdrops.  We keep our home pet and smoke free.

Why invest in professional photography?  Can't I have a friend snap some photos?

Sure, you could have a friend snap some photos, but are you going to have them professionally printed to hang on your walls and share with family?  While phones these days have better cameras, it is the photographer's knowledge of lighting, posing, and their equipment that enable us to create the images you've seen in our portfolios.  I've spent many hours learning about these, and continue to learn each year!  When photographing, I pay attention to details such as background distractions, hair, clothing laying oddly/needing adjustment, posing for your body type, etc.  Every image you will see in your image premier will have been edited in Photoshop for proper tones, with light retouching if needed.  With the ongoing learning and sharpening of skills, you can see why professional photography is worth the investment.  I truly believe in the importance of having your family's photographs taken as a keepsake of your time together.  As a momma, I know this is especially true for babies and children, as they grow so fast!


What materials do you use in creating home decor?

Most of my wall decor is solid wood, usually pine.  Bringing new life to an older piece is fun too: I've used cabinet doors, closet doors, cork board, and pallet wood depending on the piece and look I'm going for.  For design, I use Minwax wood stains or chalk paint (acrylic).  All wording is hand-painted, with much of it hand-lettered.  Every wood piece has a clear protective coat of Polycrylic once the design is completed.

Do you accept custom home decor orders?

Yes!  I would love to work with you to create your perfect piece!

What type of photography equipment do you use?

Camera: Canon 7D  |  Lenses: Canon 28-135mm & Canon 100-300mm Zoom

Studio lights: Photogenic with soft boxes  |  Outdoors: Yongnuo YN-560TX off-camera flash

What type of payment do you accept?

Smoot Photography & Design accepts cash, check (local), and debit/credit.  Online orders are processed through my Paypal Business account.  Checks need to be made out to Smoot Photography & Design.